Luxury Dog Boutique delivering everything but the dog!

Our canine companions deserve to be gifted with a lifetime of anything but ordinary

Our luxury dog boutique and spa is an experience that is worlds apart from a visit to your regular local pet shop. We take complete joy in sourcing unique, high-quality, and captivating British dog products that make shopping for your dog an utter delight.

We offer a range of luxury dog accessories, handmade dog beds, designer dog coats, puppy accessories and so much more.

So, whether you’re shopping for yourself, your dog, or for a gift for a dog lover who deserves to feel special we have no doubt you’ll find something that hits the mark.

We’ve partnered with some incredible artists, makers, and creators to bring you truly unique pet products, accessories, and artwork that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re a dog lover visiting Beverley or you’re looking for take-home gifts that will amaze, then we’d love to see you in our welcoming dog boutique for a browse.

High Street Brands / Bigger Brands

A range of clip fastening, secure collars and leads in vibrant colours or more reflective styles that have an added bonus of extending to twice the standard length……by design.

The clothing range is extensive and includes thermal waterproof coats, lightweight raincoats, overalls with legs that are step in and zip up the back, both also waterproof. A range of fleeces and jumpers that are adjustable that means we have a solution for all the non-conventional breed shapes and can even accommodate the big guys and girls.

The range is sized in 5cm increments from teeny 25cm to a HUGE 80cm. The added bonus of the high street location is that we can measure and fit so that you know what you purchase actually fits your dog !!

The team are always happy to see you and your pups with tape measure in hand and plenty of time for on-the-floor fitting and kisses too !!

We are the largest stockist in the UK and have exclusivity in the UK on some designs.

The newest addition is the Bedding Range. 2 designs include a box type bed and round cushion in 2 colours, graphite and camel, and 3 sizes. Proud to offer the largest range in the UK.

Coming for summer Cooling Vests to fit all sizes, with the adjustable design that makes them perfect for all shapes and sizes.

Proud to offer a range of 2 Designs Drying Coats in the funky blue and yellow stripe designs and 4 Classic Collection Drying Coats in Brick Red, Sandringham Blue, Bottle Green and Heather. Available in a wide range of sizes, and available to order for the non-conventional shapes and sizes amongst us !!

The double towelling design and other detailed design features mean that there really is nothing like a Ruff & Tumble.

The matching Drying mitts act as a first line of defence as your pooch tries to circum-navigate you and head for the “zoom-dry” method. In matching designs to the Drying

Coats the pair of mitts allows you to dry your pooches feet at least before they re-enter the house.

Finishing off the range are the Slip Leads which are beautifully soft and come in 2 thicknesses. Perfect to double as a “figure of 8” for those pullers in the pack. A range of signature colours is available in both sizes.

Beverley is fortunate to have a High Street branch of the Joules fashion store, which only offers a minimal range of pet accessories.

Proud to stock a wide range of quilted jackets, raincoats in signature colours and prints, jumpers to suit all sizes and in coastal type prints which can be worn under harnesses for that extra layer on cooler nights or mornings.

Collars and leads in both leather and stylish striped coastal designs are available, and your pup can be accessorised to match many of the human designs and ranges.
Bedding range is available in a variety of designs that includes box beds, mattresses and Chesterfield Style round beds to match what you have at home. Variety of sizes and colours are available in store, with the ability to order should we have sold out of what you are looking for.

The IDC Harness is one of the most recognised harnesses offered by the Brand. The range offered in store includes the Baby sizes to large sizes, and even larger sizes are available to order.

In-house knowledge can establish what size is needed to order and then the try before you buy principle is extended to ordered items too.

Trying on the design means that the most common error of buying too large is not an issue and your pup can have the best fit and colour to suit their needs as well as your own.

Made by Equafleece the Hotter Dog Jumpers are made from a high quality fleece material that will not only keep your pup warm, it wicks too.

Water repellant and breathable, the Hotter Dog jumper also keeps your pup a little cleaner on those more challenging days, as it has front legs too!!

Available in 5 colours and 5 sizes, again we can try on for size to make sure we have the right one for your pup.

The reversible Puffer Jackets are a must have addition to any stylish pup wardrobe.

Available in a variety of colours and fully reversible allowing a larger wardrobe impression, the right size means that pups often leave the shop in their new purchase too.

ruffwear vector logo
Ruffwear for dogs

We are a proud stockist of Ruffwear harnesses with matching collars and leads.

Ruffwear’s focus is on enhancing and inspiring exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions with a focus on gear for activities like hiking running and swimming.


“The Kong Wall” in the store means that we have solutions for pups, adults and seasoned chewers, with various opportunities to purchase items to stuff them too.

Over 50 products are available so pop in and let your pup choose !!

From Mats to Wobbles to things to sprinkle, either use to pass the time when home alone, or to distract when trying to groom!!

Many solutions are available from pups to Tuff series!!

Treats: Proud Stockists of…

Smaller Brands & Independent Businesses

The Designer Collection

Soft Harnesses with matching leads and poop bag holders or matching leads and collars

Diamond Dogs
Stunning leather collars and leads with Swarovski elements. A range of colours, crystal configurations and sizes is available in store, however this is just the start, it’s like a design your own opportunity!!

Pick a leather colour and measure up your pups neck; then decide what crystal configuration you like and the size and design of the layout of the crystals , including the complimentary crystal colours.

You choose something unique, so will it be 5 row Tiffany, 8 row tiny crystal or checkerboard for your pup.

The Tartan Collection
A collection of Collar, Accessory (Bow or Flower), Bandana and Lead in a choice of 5 Tartans and 2 Tweeds in a range of 5 sizes.

Digby and Fox
 A range of beautiful padded leather and rolled leather collars and leads. Available in a range of sizes and vibrant colours. Pick your favourite collar and a lead to match.

Robert James Hull Art
Watch out for the exclusive Everything But The Dog Chocolate Cockapoo card featuring Coopa!!

A range of Celebration cards and Licks and Kisses cards, with Christmas under the Mistletoe available at that special time of year.

Jo Scott Art
A range of multi occasion cards with dogs at the centre. In Dog Years You’re Dead is my favourite !!

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